With all that is going on with COVID travelling overseas in the next two years may not be an option so perhaps think about investing in a swimming pool. You don’t get your money back on a holiday whereas a pool designed well will at the very least break even with the expenditure. Once the money is spent on an overseas holiday that is the end of the enjoyment, where as a swimming pool will provide pleasure year after year after year.

Landscaping the home has never been so popular. With people realising the value increase on both the architecture and more importantly lifestyle. To be able to entertain at home with the family and friends can often be preferable to the expense and inconvenience of eating out.

In this article, I wish to share some thoughts on whether this is an option that may be right for you.

I often hear “having a pool means my kids will invite their friends around and I will feel better knowing they are outside where I can watch out for them.” As a parent myself, I love being around my kids and watching them laugh, smile, joke and generally watch them growing up.

A client of mine, who also had a spa installed with the swimming pool said that during these restrictions the spa has been a godsend. “Either my family and I or my teenager’s friends has been in the spa most nights, it has been a great investment, like going on a holiday every night”.

It also means that the younger ones can entertain friends and be cool by all having a spa togethers away from the adults, but still close enough to supervise

The main reason to install a pool in your garden is for your family, of course it then becomes an entertainment hub for friends too. Talking with clients who grew up with the family pool, it is always one of re-told stories of the joy, you know, ‘the good old days.’ Families bond better when there is an activity to do and water is always associated with fun when you think of pools.

So, is a pool right for you?

Starting with the basic, the factors in considering a swimming pool:

A) Is a pool a wise investment?
B) Do I have room for one?
C) Can I afford it?
D) Will we use it?

A) The swimming pool should be considered as part of the landscape and not the stand-alone item. To often people become overly excited about installing a swimming pool and go for the largest pool they can fit in the garden, often unscrupulously advised by a pool installer. This installation then comes at the expense of play areas for the children when not using the pool, entertainment space and even little things like clothes lines and possible garden space. So to insure that pool is a wise investment, do not take advice from the person selling the pool, but rather from and experienced designer who will be able to make the pool part of the garden, hence adding value to the property.
A badly designed pool can actually devalue the property, if it has resulted in the exclusion of some of the other items that could be critical for re sale. Consider the pool as being part of the jigsaw of the landscape. The pool has to fit in with the architecture, the surrounding garden and of course lifestyle. Any of these factors overlooked and you are overlooking the investment potential the pool offers
Not taking the family on an overseas holiday each year or even every second, it will only take a couple of years of forfeiting that and the pool is paid for

B) Do I have room for one? It not the size matters but the way you used it. The house we currently live in had a pool already there when we purchased it. A 10 x 4-meter kidney shaped pool using up a lot of space. The children by and large muck around in only 5 metres of it.
10 metres is too short for swimming laps, so apart for the aesthetics and the ability to swim underwater lengths, the additional length does not serve much purpose. I am not saying don’t have a long one, but consider the space, much better to have the pool fit the entire landscape, even if that means what you consider compromising on the size.

C) With affording a pool there are many different options ranging from prefabricated fiberglass, and concrete pools to liner pools and sprayed on site concrete pools. This is a case of cutting the cloth to fit. Get a pool that fits the budget
Too often people over invest in the pool without realising the sundry expenses, like the paving, fencing, power and sewer connections for the equipment. So, they end up with a great pool and a cheep and nasty surround, thus devaluing the property rather than getting experienced advice on the total picture before commencing. So before embarking on the swimming pool make sure you are getting sound advice on design and that the total pool and surround is likely to be. That enables you to make correct choices on the total outcome not just a pool

D) With Melbourne’s erratic weather people ask if they will get good use out of installing a swimming pool. Now keep in mind I don’t sell pools, so I am an impartial adviser. If you invest in correct solar heating and a thermal pool blanket you should get at least months of use out of your swimming pool. And then when not in use if designed will you get the enormous visual pleasure out of it. Add a sap to the pool and there is your 12-month value

There is the adage “Failure to plan is a plan to fail”
Because of stage 4 COVID restrictions, Installation of pools have been pushed back and are only being built in new homes where people don’t live yet, or where they are making the site safe because they have already commenced. This means you have to plan and have the permits approved so at the very least it will be November/December before a pool company can start but most likely next year; so that gives you time to plan it properly and not rush.
Be most cautious of false promises. “Yes, we can get your pool in by Christmas” You gleefully hand over your deposit only to be then provided with endless excuses as to why it cannot proceed.

If you really want to ensure life at home is all you dream it to be, and a pool is part of that dream, then please engage a reputable designer to avoid disappointment and insure a fabulous outcome.

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