A swimming pool is too often considered as the focus of the garden, the main point of purchase, the Landscape item that everyone wants; and if you want a pool what is the logical thing to do? Ring a pool builder or supplier of course.

As such, people often will ring up two or three or more swimming pool builders or suppliers and have them trudge out for a free quote.

The pool builder or supplier aren’t necessarily overly endowed with a smart sense of design but are skilled in terms of convincing you to not only buy their pool but more importantly place it in the best position that best suits them.

Why would they do that? It’s all about cost. If they can keep their costs as low as possible then you are more likely to sign the contractor over any of the competitors, you have coming around to sell you a pool. It can be little things, like how close can they get the trucks to the pool to minimize the time it takes to move the excavates soil by bob cat from the pool dig out the truck. It could be having the pool go in one direction rather than another to minimize excavation costs. It could be having the equipment in an unsuitable position because it is closer to the sewer and on and on it goes.

You not being an expert in swimming pool design or construction you naturally take the advice of the expert.

And what is an expert? Does the person who is trying to sell you the pool actually dig the hole, crane the pool in, spray the concrete, do the pluming and all the other associated activities involved in building or placing a pool? No they are the organizers. They organize the digging, the spraying or the lowering, the plumbing the tiling etc. etc. And if I’m a pool builder, who knows they are competing with other builders or suppliers on cost, then naturally I am going to use the cheapest contractors I can, and that does not necessarily equate to quality.

So that then leads to the question on of how do you select the best advice?

Well let’s start with the difference between the primary competitors Fiberglass or concrete pools

Fiberglass pools come in a set of pre poured shapes and sizes. The fiberglass pool can be as much as half the cost of a concrete pool and if you are working on a limited budget then this is appealing but there are limitations. You are restricted to the available pool shapes that may not suit the rest of the garden layout. You may be to far to crane a pool into the available space.

With tiling It is ideal to have a drop face coping tile to conceal any cracking that will happen between the coping tile and the flexible pool shell. And you can’t put any weight on the pool beam, like heavy water features or feature wall.

The shape of the pool will then have to be selected not just because you like the shape of the pool or you like the biggest one available but how it is going to fit in with the whole

Concrete pool on the other hand are sometimes twice or more the cost of a Fiberglas pool and that doesn’t include a spa. The advantage however is that you can make it any shape or you want and this means that you can with good advice or design, have a pool that suits the landscape. You can use fabulous interior tiles, have retainer walls or even the house built on the pool beam.

So how to make a decision on what pool to purchase? The answer to this is not to focus on the pool but to consider it as only one component of the garden. To have the whole garden designed including the pool, the entertaining area or alfresco, the garden beds and even the clothes line, all integrated into one seamless layout.

Then you have your designer or architect able to advise you on what sort of pool that is going to fit the entire budget and work with the entire garden. Not focus solely on the pool and then find out, “If only it were this way or that way, a bit larger or shorter we would not now have to compromise on all the things we want”.

A pool integrated into a total skilled design will add value over and above what you spend. A pool just plonked in the garden where the seller advised you is in fact in danger of at best breaking even on the money you spend and at worst devaluing the house price.

Moral of the story. Get a great total design, and don’t focus on just the pool.

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