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Swimming Pool Landscapes

It is critical to consider that the swimming pool is a part, one component only, of the total landscape. The mistake you want to avoid is considering the pool first, and then thinking about the rest of the landscape.

The things that are vital to consider are:  What sort of pool is best going to suit the architecture and your specific needs? What is the overall budget going to be, not just the pool? This is so important as too often the total garden and pool surround budget is a surprise and then awful compromises can happen to your landscaping project.

What are the materials and fencing to be used around the pool that will beast marry with the entire garden?

We bring years of experience in what is the best type of pool for you, concrete or Fiberglass, what shape and size will best suit all your specific needs, the budget, the architecture and the total garden layout.

This means you are not gambling, perhaps with a limited knowledge, on an enormous expense, but rather you are getting highly experienced advice that will enable you to arrive at the best possible conclusions for you and your family to enjoys for years to come.

The Swimming pools we design (like all aspects of our gardens) are timeless. Sometimes radical and fun, sometimes formal, sometimes classically simple, every pool is designed to be part of a total picture.

Speak to David Kirkpatrick and his team of landscape architects and designers about designing the perfect swimming pool or spa for your property.


Outdoor Creations Swimming Pool 3D Modelling Landscape Design.

David Kirkpatrick and his team at Outdoor Creations will work with you to create the perfect swimming pool design incorporating stunning landscape design using our state of the art 3D landscaping design software.

Please contact us to discover more about how we can transform your current backyard into a new resort like area for you and your family and friends to enjoy for many years to follow.

David Kirkpatrick Guest Speaker 2018 SPASA Swimming Pool and Spa Show Melbourne.

David Kirkpatrick was recently a special guest speaker at the Melbourne SPASA show in Melbourne. David’s informative lecture was on designing your dream swimming pool landscape design and pitfalls to avoid. David is a multi award winning landscape Architect and swimming pool landscape designer. Contact David and his professional team to discuss your swimming pool landscape design.





All great pools & landscapes start with a great design.

Outdoor Creations is an industry leader and multi-award-winning landscape design company with over 30 years of developed expertise across Melbourne.

Your garden should be one that you are proud of, that suits the architecture thus adding value over and above what you spend. It should reflect your tastes, lifestyle and budget. Your garden should be practical, have enough space to entertain in, as well as the myriad of little often forgotten items, like the clothe lines, bin storage and general usability, while not compromising your garden looking fabulous

Every component of your landscape, the entertaining/alfresco area, the swimming pool and or spa (if you are having one),  the hard and soft surfaces, paving decking or lawn, the possible water features, screening and of course the plants, will all be crafted to come together  seamlessly together in a fabulous design

No matter the size of the space you want landscaped, whether you have a small inner-city courtyard, a large or extensive rooftop garden, a small or large residential garden, multi-unit developments, each is designed to fulfil on all your outcomes.

The same principle applies to school landscapes or corporate spaces, designing garden spaces that are fulfilling, useful, practical and a joy to be in and admire.

One part of our success is because we know how to listen to you. We are not interest in creating expensive fashion statements that are unduly expensive and will not last. Rather our Outdoor Creations are designed to be timeless and blend with the architecture.












"David from Outdoor Creations created a complex garden that was the perfect marriage for the front of the house,  and the rear, it turned out to be amazing !! David advised us against creating a fashion statement. So glad he did as this garden will still be stunning in 20 years’ time"

Tutungi from Glen iris October 13, 2016







  • We have over 30 years of experience in landscape design because we know how to listen to you.
  • Outdoor Creations are designed to be timeless and blend with the architecture.
  • Outdoor Creations are environmentally responsible, functional and beautiful.
  • Outdoor Creations have a commitment that your garden is a fabulous reflection of your own tastes while adding value over and above what you spend. It is a garden to be proud of.
  • Outdoor Creations are Multi award winners. David Kirkpatrick is the former Vice president of the LIAV and lectures extensively at Melbourne University as well as other public venues.
  • The Outdoor Creations team are passionate about creating garden spaces that you will fall in love with and want to use all the time whether you are looking for calming and restorative, or a stunning modern utopia.
  • Our holistic and professional services include Landscape Architects, Swimming Pool Landscapes, Water Landscapes, Back Yard and Front Yard Garden Design, Corporate Landscapes, School Landscapes, Playgrounds and Rooftop Gardens.