18 April 2020

Mr David Kirkpatrick
 – Outdoor Creations

Hi David,

Unique & Enduring

There was never any chance of us being able to afford to buy or have built a well known ‘architect designed’ home. However what we realised, after getting to know you over the years, is we luckily got a highly recognised architect designed garden and entertaining area. By the way, it was great seeing you appear, and the personal and professional interest you generated, at the Home Show last year for example.

You gave us things like a unique pebble mix pathway. Plus a variety of plantings from cottage to exotic and (friends tell us) some flora seldom seen. Also your original design layout/plantings have allowed us to supplement and evolve the garden as some plants come and go. I.e. there is always some new aspect to the garden to tend and admire. We also appreciated your expert advice along the way as to the best adjustments to make in keeping with changing circumstances.

Additionally it is said that work such as yours can add value to a property. We know that to be financially true. The work you did on our investment property development in Beaumaris helped sell it for a record price.

David, it’s been 17 years since you first designed and managed the build/transformation of our backyard.. Yet we are still complimented by friends new and old alike regarding the garden set up. It provides us pleasure, privacy and practicality. In short an enjoyable pastime & conversation piece! It is indeed a testimony to what a great and enduring job you have done.

Yours sincerely

John Sivorn

PS Great to hear that your work is still in high demand despite the economy being hard hit.