Garden and Landscape Renovation


Why tear down an old if you can renovate it?

In any garden design it is critical to be mindful of the practical as well as the aesthetic. A great garden design wants to look stunning, reflect and support the architecture to add value to the property and of course be practical.

By practical I mean that there wants to be an entertainment or Alfresco area sufficient in size to cater for the number of guests you have. Is the outside Kitchen area designed to suit your specific needs? Is there somewhere for children to play, even if you haven’t got any, designing such a space in can add value to the garden. Is there a clothesline and is it in the right position to get sun and wind?

This clients invitation for a garden renovation in a tiny space was to include a number of such items, like somewhere to put a clothesline, A trampoline, a swimming pool an alfresco entertaining areas and a bar all in a tiny almost courtyard garden.

Budget and space were considerations, so rather than tear down this lean to we then just renovated it by cutting in doors and continuing the stack stone and installing the outdoor kitchen. Much cheaper than tearing it down and start again.

For the swimming pool, location of the pool was critical, so rather than a large swimming pool dominating the space, we opted to design the swimming pool coming directly out from the renovated entertaining area. This created a stunning outlook from the house, a connection between the garden and the architecture and allowing plenty of space for the possibility of a children’s play area and a concealed clothesline.

This is a clear demonstration of how to integrate many aspects of garden design into one concise space, Entertaining/ Alfresco area, outdoor kitchen, lawn and of course the swimming pool location being critical to the complete picture