Designed Entertaining Space


Do you find the children sitting in front of their screens all the holidays and after school? Why wouldn’t they if there is not a suitable play space or swimming pool for them? If there is no outside entertaining space for them to bring their friends and family to on weekend?

In this home in Macleod we designed not only the entertaining space, complete with a beautiful outdoor kitchen but the swimming pool and basketball/netballs space. The children have now the opportunity to bring friends over no matter the season.

Did it happen by magic? No, it was careful planning and execution by a highly experienced and multi award winning team, like the team at Outdoor Creations, that has it all come together.

The secret to a successful landscape designed garden is the coordination of all the different elements. Is the swimming pool going to be a fibreglass or concrete swimming pool?

If the home is an unusual or architect designed home then the outside wants to be a reflection of the architecture. Is the swimming pool going to fulfil that, being a match for the architecture? If this is the case, then a concrete swimming pool may be the answer. Both a fibreglass swimming pool and a concrete pool hold water. Both a concrete swimming pool and a fibreglass swimming pool have relatively the same pool equipment. The difference is that a concrete swimming pool can be designed to any shape you want, which can then be a custom match for the building. Whereas a fibreglass pool or a liner swimming pool are dictated by the available shapes and sizes.

The secret then is to be able to match selected swimming pool, whether it be a fibreglass swimming pool, a concrete swimming pool or a liner swimming pool with the alfresco outdoor entertaining area, with an outdoor kitchen, that all ideally want to be under cover of some sort so it can be used year round. To have this match with the children’s recreation space, whether real lawn or artificial lawn, to have this combination sill work with all the sundries like where to store the bins, where the clothesline is and the myriad of items that make a fabulous and cohesive landscape design.