corporate landscape designer

Notting Hill

Environmental Landscape design is now more critical than ever before. Often corporate and commercial building rely solely on Large air conditioning and heating unites to heat and cool the factory or office, costing the organization a considerable amount when there are Landscape options to save them money 

Often corporate buildings have vast expanses of glass that despite double glazing can be an environmental disaster. No eves no shutters and no corporate Landscape Architecture that is a responsible addition to the building 

In this example you can see that the Landscape Design by Outdoor Creations has a forest of established silver birches along the west face of the building to shade the building from the intense summer sun and to allow in the warming winter light when the trees have lost their leaves

Being all glass on that side it had a tendency to be unbearable, particularly when the air conditioning breaks down, costing the company a lot in unproductive time.

By planting the forest of silver birch it then meant that the office space was not only cooled in summer while allowing the winter light to worm the office pace, but it created a fabulous visually softening of what as an otherwise severe architecture. The selection of plants is designed to suit the architecture so softening and mirroring

The forest is informal and the rest of the corporate garden is then designed to be a combination the formal and the informal, the rolling mounds and wing lines offsetting the ridged nature of the commercial architecture

All of this combined has the building stand out from its competitors. The landscape design making this building visually more attractive a place to visit. Making a statement to staff and customers alike, that as a commercial building we care.