corporate landscape spaces

Collins St

Corporate Landscape spaces can often be designed or in fact neglected by the architect. In fact, if thought of at all, it can simply be cold and uninviting. Often the focus of the Corporate or industrial architect is on shape and form. For striking buildings erupting out of the landscape.

This form of industrial architecture often neglects the fact that human beings use the space, They leave an urban environment and then enter a harsh commercial environment that has no softness or harmony. At Outdoor Creations we believe that commercial landscaping should not only reflect the building, support it in the landscape, but also take into account the people who inhabit or use the building. How will they feel when being in an office environment most of the day and wish to have their break outside when the external corporate landscape is as devoid of life as the inside? 

We at Outdoor Creations create fabulous outdoor landscapes for the Corporate and the commercial sector. Our goal is to have all the users of the space feel nurtured by the landscape surrounding the building. To be able to engage and interact with Corporate architecture rather than be intimidated by it.

At the same time not to detract but in fact to enhance the commercial architecture. To have the industrial or commercial building enhanced by the landscape design.  

This makeover of 120 Collins street was designed by us to make it a colourful recharging space to counter all the steel. It was a huge success integrating the existing water feature into the landscape.