Corporate landscapes and gardens


Corporate and industrial estates sometimes forget about the restorative effects that a well-designed landscape can have on the workforce. 

In corporate or industrial construction, the corporate Landscaping is sometimes forgone or put aside with the focus on the building. The Corporate Landscape design will be the frame for the building, softening it into the landscape and at the same time increasing its street appeal.

Too often in the corporate or business sector, there is little or no regard for where staff might go at lunch time to sit in different groups. Is the office garden in shade? Is there anywhere to sit? Is it restful? All of these considerations came into play with this Boronia corporate garden space as an example of what can be achieved.

Staff productivity will increase if staff come back from their breaks refreshed by eating outside in a space that is restful and supportive. 
The corporate landscape wants to be able to cater for small intimate groups or larger corporate functions 

If the Landscape design is intuitive enough then factors like shade trees on the north and west sides can greatly reduce summer cooling costs while still allowing the winter light to hit the building. This provides measurable value to the business costs  

By having a landscape design, considerate of both the architecture and the staff it demonstrates to customers and staff alike that management cares both about the product that they are proud to present and to the staff who they are proud to employ.

Having clever and supportive corporate Landscape design has a business stand out from its competitors, resulting in happy customers and happy staff.