Brighton landscape gardens


A flood prone site in Brighton meant that the pool had to be elevated. That provided the opportunity for the pool to be at floor level, create a stunning window into the pool via a Perspex sheet that is viewed from the sunken courtyard.

The front of this Brighton home required the fence to allow water thought as it was classified as flood prone. The front steps then had to be floating, or appeared to be floating steps.

Sometimes as award winning Landscape Designers, we are met with unusual challenges, that we love to overcome.

In this Brighton project we were met with a flood prone restriction in the placement of the swimming pool. It had to be partly above ground so as flood waters would not flood into the swimming pool, and yet be easily accessible from the house.

To add to the interest, the clients had an old window they had left over from a renovation that they wanted included in the landscape. Add to the list a private seating area and lawn for their little dog, and all in a restricted space.

As there was limited space it made sense to place the swimming pool as close as feasible to the boundaries, one wall actually constructed on the swimming pool beam and if against a boundary then a water feature cascading into the swimming pool would be a good idea.

Having a glass or perspex end to a swimming pool is always a feature. So, where the swimming pool was elevated out of the ground, we decided to put in a transparent perspex wall at the end of the swimming pool. Some refer to it as a glass swimming pool wall, but they are actually constructed from perspex.

It made sense then to have the quiet eating area in front of that wall so you could look through the transparent perspex swimming pool wall into the water running down the rock face at the end of the swimming pool and relax while looking at the rescued old window from the renovation.

Access was important so a large deck was connected next to the house, with steps leading down into the garden. This then joined the residence to the landscape, the swimming pool being a part of the landscape that included the lawn, Intimate seating area and decking surround.

If landscaping in a flood prone area there are often a number of factors to be taken into account and varying requirements from authority to authority. Fencing is usually one of the key components. Flood waters cannot bank up against the fence so it must be designed to let water through, but in this instance not be transparent. A challenge. You will see from the pictures that this fence, while not see through it will still allow the flood water to pass through it, in the unlikely event of there ever being a flood of that magnitude.

If having a flood prone fence and pool, then of course the front steps were designed to be floating steps.

Every part of the landscape, the fence the front steps, the swimming pool and the entire garden designed as one interconnecting unit.