Brighton Alfresco Design


Creating an alfresco area to match the curved wall of this East Brighton period home had its Landscape design challenges

The swimming pool required changes to the building to insure it was pool compliant, Doors became windows and vis a versa.

The key, have the garden match and be sympathetic to the architecture.

In this particular project the clients were advised by a number of swimming pool suppliers to install a rectangular fiberglass pool, ostensibly because it was easier for them to install, to keep the costs down and thus secure the job.

Fortunately for the clients they contacted Outdoor Creations and we supported them in designing the swimming pool to be a match for the architecture. A unique swimming pool design that is a perfect match for the house to add value to their property and lifestyle.

This meant that the original entertaining or alfresco area had to be relocated to accommodate the new swimming pool location. And this meant the new alfresco or outdoor entertaining area was in fact more spacious than before.

Having sufficient space for outdoor entertaining is critical. Too often Alfresco areas are too small in layout. That once the outdoor kitchen and or Pizza oven are installed there is not enough comfortable space for a table and chairs, let alone an outdoor lounge set up. The could fit in a BBQ and a pizza oven and could be entertaining the whole family for the first time outdoors,

With this design the clients have a stunning concrete swimming pool that wraps around the feature bay window, becoming a feature for the house as well as the landscape. The swimming pool becomes part of the entire landscape and garden renovation. There is now plenty of room to entertain outside and the outdoor entertaining area is now covered so it can be used year round.

Fundamentals are also included such as sufficient room for the clothes line and children’s trampoline area. We also included a kitchen or vegetable garden in the design.

This was all possible by planning with a great landscape design that was able to include all the elements, the alfresco area, the swimming pool, the children’s play area and the vegetable garden, all joined together in one seamless design.