The Heart of the Garden



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David Kirkpatrick designs for the individual, not for fashion. Each of his designs is unique, offering a practical solution for every vision of the ideal garden and a mood for every season.

The heart of the Garden is a collection of 20 very different garden designs, from a sleek, modern Mediterranean-Inspired courtyard, to a rambling family yard. Complete with landscaper’s plans and plant list, this is a treasure trove of inspiration and information.

He also offers a wealth of practical solutions to site planning, water conservation, working with pools and water features, shading and groundcovers, as well as finding the perfect spot for outdoor seating.

Beautifully photographed by Julie Renouf, The Heart of the Garden welcomes you to a world where gardens are not just patches of lawn, paving and beds, but places that soothe the soul, restore the spirit and delight the eye.

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