I like to go back some time later and visit the sites we have transformed from a weed ridden paddock to a landscape masterpiece that is vibrant to look at and I know that if taken care of will provide years of pleasure and usability.

Some of these gardens we create have had quite modest budgets while others have literarily hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on them.

As Designers we put enormous thought into creating the garden that is specific to the clients dreams, budget and reflective of the architecture. We take enormous care in coordinating the construction so that the finished product is not only wonderful to look at, eminently usable but is also built to last.

So you can imagine the disappointment when some years down the track I go to visit the site, only to see it so neglected that it almost resembles the state of the garden before we became involved

The old adage “A stich in time saves nine “most certainly applies to Landscapes. These means that even the garden that is designed as a low maintenance garden, has a little bit of love directed to it on a regular basis, it will insure that the garden in fact becomes more and more beautiful as time progress. The reality is that the small investment in time in the garden will more than pay off, not only in terms of enjoyment and beauty but just the hard real-estate fact of having a garden that his beautiful adding enormous value to the house.

Establish at the outset of the design process, the reality of how much you want to invest in maintaining the garden, as this is one of the crucial elements in the design process in insuring your investment is well spent.

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