I had a brainstorm, now we are in lock down and unable to travel for quite some time, how we could turn our home into our very own holiday resort. Let me tell you how it happened.

Every year, if every second year we would go to Bali. We’d both save up, put those coins aside so we could take the whole family. We’d usually meet up with Friends over there, book the same accommodation, sit by the pool, drinking cocktails and watching the children having a fabulous time.

Sometimes the service was a bit slack and there was that time we all got Bali belly, but we didn’t often get sick, and what’s a little tummy upset and rush to the toilet that was near the pool anyway

Yes, its expensive, the two of us and the four children in a Hotel for two weeks, food, that drink bill at the end of it, ouch, not to mention the jet ski hire and all the other toys we have. But the pain of saving up for it made it all worthwhile just to see the children so happy

But this year, humph. Covid and politicians have ruined my life, not to mention those idiot Melbourne hotel guards having irresponsible sex with travelers in quarantine, and then there are the anti-maskers and anti-vaxers and Oh it all gets so ugly

There’s just no stopping irresponsible sex and mask wearing. So, what are we to do seeing as travel is now likely off the books for quite some time?
 And then in a moment of genius it hit me. A pool. We could use the money we spend at Bali and get a swimming pool.

We had the Donoghues over for dinner, we regally meet with them in Bali and hadn’t seen them since last year. Anyway, I brought up my brainstorm of having the garden landscaped and a pool installed. After all, apart from the Trampoline and the rabbit cage we hardly use the back garden. Well you would not believe it; they had had the same idea and were about ten steps ahead of us. It turns out that initially they thought they just about a pool, so they had a number of swimming pool companies come out. But they soon realized that none of them had any real ideas as to how the total garden came together, the pool companies were just interested in selling a pool.

After about the fourth pool builder they realized that what they really needed was and independent Landscape design, that included the pool. Well the looked around and eventually settled on a company, Outdoor Creations who had come highly recommended by a number of friends.

Long story short they ended up with the most fabulous outcome. A new entertaining alfresco area that they now use all year round, a swimming pool that makes them feel like they are in Bali and as they joked, they are not just stuck with us as friends by the po0ol but can have their children’s friends over as well.

The Donoghues made it clear that the money they would have invested in Bali paid for the whole shooting match after about three Bali trips and after that it was money in the bank.

So we followed their recommendation and engaged Outdoor Creations to design the pool and surround. David Kirkpatrick and his team were fantastic. They really listened to our ideas and came up with solutions that we never would have thought of. They turned our odd shaped block into a fabulous garden adding enormous value to the property. They added ideas like a fire pit so we can use the space in winter, a thermal blanket to extend the swimming season, an area for the trampoline and a clothes line 
We now have our dream garden that we can use all year round not just at Christmas holidays, and we don’t get Bali belly

Visit the Outdoor Creations website here or contact us on (03) 9439 0005