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Considering the current climate, a staycation in our own backyard is preferable to traveling these days. For 2020, there are some important features that seem to be cropping up in gardens, such as sustainability, a low maintenance garden, and diverse plants among others. With that in mind, transforming our garden into a relaxing oasis is totally achievable with these 2020 landscaping trends.

Water features
For some, the water feature was a big trend in the early 2000s, but it’s definitely making a reappearance. From fountains to ponds, water features are back in a big way. And what better way to create an oasis than to have the lovely, relaxing sound of water in your garden? Pondless bubbling features, like bubbling boulders or vases are compact and a lovely addition to your garden.

Do you have a pool, or are you looking to add one? This is a great year to add a pool to your landscape. Not only can you use it nearly year round, thanks to advances in technology like solar heating that will regulate the water temperature and keep it warm, but you can add lights to the inside to make it a lovely focal point to your garden.

outdoor dining landscapes

Outdoor entertaining spaces
Since staycations are the big thing these days, naturally you need a lovely area for entertaining or just relaxing. Enter, outdoor entertaining spaces. L-shaped couches that fit cozily in a corner or can be separated for social distancing are very popular, as are comfortable seats arranged in a pleasing manner for entertaining. For cooler nights, fire pits and fireplaces offer a lovely ambiance, while compact space heaters can dramatically extend the seasonality of your garden. Your outdoor entertaining space is as unique as your home, giving you the ability to decorate and design it to fit your functionality. Such a space is perfect for quarantining during a pandemic, but also welcoming friends and family over after restrictions are lifted.

Outdoor Lighting
If you have an outdoor space, you’ll need lighting to accommodate it. Oftentimes landscape lighting is more expensive, but it’s also a worthwhile addition to accentuating any outdoor space.

Illuminating landscapes or pathways can make evening walks in the garden safer and add a lovely touch. Or you can illuminate key features in your garden such as a flagpole or a fountain. This trend emphasises minimalist lighting fixtures that blend neatly into your garden and overall design. LED lighting is especially popular right now because it is more energy efficient than traditional garden lighting fixtures. Many fixtures are also solar powered, may run on a pre-designated schedule or can be run by your smartphone.

Think vertical
Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large expanse of land they can turn into an incredible garden. Some of us have small spaces so if you’re looking to make the most of your tiny space, think outside the box and plant vertically. Elevating your plants also has the added benefit of keeping it off the ground and away from slugs and snails that may destroy your beautiful blooms. Planting up a vertical plant wall also offers an incredible “Wow!” moment that will impress friends and family alike.

If you’re looking for a unique space, this 2020 landscape trend is for you. If you’re tired of having the same, matching plants as your neighbours, now is the time for you to branch out, and look for different, diverse plants. Not only will diversity set you apart from your neighbours, but it can make a big impact on the bugs and birds around you. A diverse garden that flowers at different times will attract different creatures and help the environment.

Diversifying can be as simple as finding native plants and re-introducing them to your garden to create a space that is comfortable to native creatures. Plants with berries attract birds, and layers of flowers that bloom at different times will encourage honey bees and butterflies.

Low Maintenance gardens
You can diversify and create a low maintenance garden with ease this year. Consider adding in ground coverings that require less water and are drought resistant, both of which are better for the environment and are easier to maintain. And instead of spending your time perfectly manicuring your lawn, you can instead focus on low maintenance sod and perennials which require less maintenance but still are an attraction for local wildlife. Larger bushes especially are enticing to local wildlife and make a powerful visual impact in your garden. Rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and peonies are just three of the low-maintenance plants that really add a punch to your garden.

Growing and decorating your garden takes up time and intention, but it’s a worthwhile pursuit that pays off, especially in times like these. Using these trends as a guide can help you make 2020 your best gardening year ever!

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