Landscape Architects

With Outdoor Creations your space will be one that others would love to have. A garden adds value to your property. By having a boutique team of Landscape architects, we ensure that your project gets special attention, unlike the production line of larger firms.

Your garden is a reflection of both your personal tastes and practical requirements that is a clever marriage to the architecture. For some, an Outdoor Creation is an architect designed landscape that is beautiful for you and others, feels emotionally restorative,

You want your landscape design to be timeless so that it can be enjoyed forever. We make sure your garden will still be a show piece in years to come..

your landscape design wish list

Step 1
Your Wish List

First, we would send you a “wish list” which we ask you to fill out (largely by ticking boxes), together with any pictures you may have. You may have some conflicting ideas, but that doesn’t matter. It’s our job to find the best solutions that fit your dreams, while being functional, matching the building and adding value.

working with outdoor creations

Step 2
Working Together

Landscape Design Consultation where we go through your Wish List, ask a lot of questions and listen intently so we fully understand your needs and desires. We discuss and explain what is best and why and what can be achieved most effectively.
At the end of the consultation you will be very clear on how the details of how your garden can be constructed to fulfil your dreams, add value and support the architecture that adds value over what you spend and approximate costs for different options. View a sample consultation report here.

landscape design with outdoor creations

Step 3

From there we can proceed with your landscape design. Because we have done the preliminary work with you, this is why we get it right, so you have a fabulous landscape that will take your breath away.

landscape construction with outdoor creations

Step 4

Who better to coordinate the creation of your own personal paradise than the people who sat with you and listened to just what personal paradise meant for you? We take the headaches and sleepless nights, the arguments and stress off your hands out of dealing with councils and contractors. We are your advocate to coordinate the trades to not take short cuts and comply with all construction information.

Step 5 – Living in Paradise

Every day that you live with an Outdoor Creation is a day where you can step outside and instantly feel fantastic, because we can maintain it for you.