How can Outdoor Creations help you?

Save Time and Money

People can spend hours trawling through magazines trying to obtain Landscape design ideas, that might look great but ultimately, through lack of experience, will not work for their house.

They end up with a total mis match of expensive ideas that they then try and get quotes for.

This is a recipe for a garden that does not suit the architecture, is expensive to install, consumes an enormous amount of time and simply ends up falling apart because there were no construction details provided to the competing landscapers (Who all added their inexperienced opinions).

No matter the size and scope of your Landscape project, our commitment is for you to have the best quality, personalized design combined with detailed construction information so all selected contractors are competing on the same playing field to create a lasting, wonderful value adding garden.

Timeless design

Ever been into a house and without any architectural experience can tell the age of the house just by the tiles used in the bathroom that followed a fashion?

Fashion is designed to sell a product and ultimately become unfashionable. To purchase a pair of shoes or a jacket in fashion, that then becomes unfashionable is no great loss.

To invest in the latest fashion in Landscape design can be a ghastly mistake.

In years to come it may become a liability not an asset. The team at Outdoor Creations are acutely aware of what is in fashion and what is fabulous and timeless.

You want a garden that in ten years’ time is as relevant as it was the day it was installed. In fact, it has been designed to just get better and better with time, not to be going out of date but improving the value of your life and your property

Add Value

Skillful make-up can enhance a women’s beauty. Great clothes can make even a paunchy man look good.

A great Landscape design is no different; The Landscape around the building is the frame for the picture, that frame can make or break the architecture.

This in turn adds or subtracts value from the property.

This takes skill, just what the team at Outdoor Creations have in abundance.

It is not just material value we want to focus on but the value you the client gets from the landscape. Is it a space you want to use all year round? Does it make you feel good? Does it fulfil on all the requirements, entertaining space, play space, provision of food or fun etc.? All of which add value to your or the user’s life, and that can be beyond measure and must be considered

Extensive experience

Old adage “Nothing beats experience” and of that, the team at Outdoor Creations have an abundance.

David the head designer has been working in the field for over 30 years, Javiera and Alex are both overseas trained as well as having studied in Australia. Jack was a leader in his class during his studies in Landscape Architecture and Allisha’s extensive experience in office management is the glue that has it all work.

It is the experience that allows decisions to be made as to what will and won’t work, materials and plants that are best suited to any particular situation.

How to advise you the client on the most cost effective solutions that fulfill on your aspirations.

Far too often we are asked to intervene in Landscapes that have been commenced by inexperienced designers that are costing the client enormous amounts with unpredicted blowouts, the direct result of lack of experience.

We don’t want that to happen to you.

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College Landscaping