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backyard and frontyard landscaping design
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Back Yard & Front Yard Garden Design


The front of your house is a garden to show the world, a garden to be proud of, a garden that reflects your taste and frames the architecture, thus adding value to your property. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but rather timeless, stylish and a garden for the future. A garden that is the entrance to your home.

As visitors are invited to enter your property, you want them to feel welcomed and impressed. The selection of materials and plants is critical to this and that is where the OUTDOOR CREATIONS team are able to make even the smallest front garden feel like a sensational, impressive and inviting space.


The back garden is the outdoor space you entertain your friends and family. Have them join you by the BBQ, a Pizza oven or even an open fire. The rear garden is a space that can be designed to be used all the year round by children and adults alike to maximize your outdoor entertaining experience.

You want to insure that the pieces of the back garden puzzle are put together in a way that suits your needs as well as adding value.

How does the swimming pool or spa if you are having one be a part of the garden? How does the lawn and the entertaining area all fit seamlessly together? Are you going to have an area for children’s play equipment. Am I going to have a formal kitchen garden or just a small area for herbs?

Do I want a BBQ with sink, a glass fronted fridge and even a pizza oven or fire pit? How am I going to insure I can use my outdoor space all year round? D0 I want a water feature and is so what type? How are the garden beds going to be shaped to mirror the hard landscaping?

This is where the considerable skill and experience of the outdoor Creations team comes in. Our job is to listen to you and use our expertise to assist you in insuring that your garden is put together so it truly is your garden, a garden to be proud of, a garden that you want to use, one that is functional as well wonderful to look at. Not do we assist you with the hard landscaping, the paving, structures, swimming pools etc. but importantly in choosing what plants go where, whether it be a formal structured garden or a garden that is fun and full of year round color.

Yours wil be a garden that is not a fashion statement that will date, but a stunning garden that will last the test of time, that calls you to use it all year round, so you maximize the pleasure you derive from it.

With the OUTDOOR CREATIONS team you will have any uncertainly taken away and have it replaced with clarity and pride about your garden that you will love and use.

You will have any uncertainly taken away and have it replaced with clarity and pride about your garden and how it will all be created. See some examples of our award winning garden designs here on our video and media page.

Call our team of professional garden landscape designers today on (03) 9438 0005 or contact us by email.


Outdoor Creations 3D Modelling Landscape Design.

David Kirkpatrick and his team at Outdoor Creations will work with you to design and create the perfect garden landscape using our state of the art 3D landscaping design software.

Please contact us to discover more about how we can transform your current back yard or front yard into a new stunning garden outdoor area which you will be proud of for years to come.


All great pools & landscapes start with a great design.

Outdoor Creations is a  multi-award winning landscape design company with 30 year’s experience.

We will give you a garden that is beautiful, functional and environmentally responsible, that compliments the existing architecture and reflects your tastes and lifestyle because it will be your garden.

You deserve to have a garden that you are proud of, and that is the envy of others.

All the components of your landscape, including entertaining/alfresco area, pool (if you are having one), spa, decking and/or paving, water features, sculptures, and, of course, the plants, will all fit seamlessly together, like a fabulous jigsaw.

Our first mission is to listen to you, after all, this is your Heaven that we are creating. We then apply our multi award winning expertise, to design your garden in a way that is reflective of you, blends seamlessly with your architecture and is stunning for others to view.  A premium garden you will be proud of.

Whatever  the size of the space you want landscaped – inner city courtyard, rooftop garden, residential garden, large acreage, multi-unit developments, school landscapes or corporate spaces, we will come up with design spaces that work for you, that are fulfilling, useful, practical and a joy to be in and admire. Contact us now to start your distinctive landscape project.


"David from Outdoor Creations created a complex garden that was the perfect marriage for the front of the house,  and the rear, it turned out to be amazing !! David advised us against creating a fashion statement. So glad he did as this garden will still be stunning in 20 years’ time"

Tutungi from Glen iris October 13, 2016