Purchasing sculpture for the garden can be truly an amazing experience. Garden sculptures are the superior form of art, representing exquisite art skills.

Every garden deserves to have at least one piece of sculpture. It reinforces the place, forges the relationship between garden and art like nothing else.

Sculptures are available in a myriad of designs and patterns. You can choose the one that meets your interest and suits your garden.

You can start off at a base level and go to the local garden supply or specialist pot place for mass produced material such as Pots and Pots in Preston or on line with handmade pieces from Metal Garden sculptures in Australia. Then there are more specialized garden sculptors like Rudi Jass, Lump studio, V.Holland, Martin Hodge, Leonie Amerena, Robert Plum Peter woolfrey, Joanne Holmes or Surry Sculpture studio to name but a few

It is your garden and so the sculpture is a reflection of your tastes or fantasies, no different to a painting or work of art inside.

Ideally the garden and the selected sculpture work in unison. For instance, we recently had a client who had a large galvanized iron cow they wanted included in the new garden, so as part of the garden design we included a fence foo paddock, admittedly a very small paddock, but it then became a major delight for all and sundry.

Work with your garden designer to help you select the right piece. Maybe make a short list of pieces or even just styles you like. A good designer will have a good knowledge of what is available and who produces what that will work for you

Here are five questions to consider before you purchase

When it comes to sculpture, buying the right size can be important. Do you want to make a bold statement or have one or two smaller pieces poking out from corners in the garden? Do you want the pieces to be found or jump out at you? The questions to ask are what do I want to accomplish and how is it to compliment the new or existing garden

Where will you place the sculpture
This is quite tricky because it requires brainstorming which location to choose to install which sculpture especially if you are planning to install multiple sculptures. There might be a certain location in the mind to add sculpture but always make sure to choose the location which uplifts the beauty of the garden. How about the sculpture in the centre of the entrance? Or a large sculpture between foliage?

What is the quality of the craftsmanship of the sculpture
When purchasing sculpture one of the most important things to consider is the quality of craftsmanship. The sculpture can enhance the beauty of the garden, have the ability to beautify the garden. If you have children around, make sure if a large piece it is stable. Check if the edges are too sharp for the public area or for children? Is it a product with notch finishing work? Will the sculpture stand up to all weather conditions?

Which sculpture to choose
Does the sculpture meet the functional requirement of the requirement? Will, it fit the space and your garden theme? Would it be appropriate to pick a bird sculpture, animal sculpture, or miscellaneous? Stat by going on line, perhaps commencing with the list of sculptors from the previous list Choosing the piece of art that interests you and meets your garden beauty will be a lot much more interesting to unwind yourself as well as impress your guest.

Take Away
Keep these five questions in mind whenever you decide to buy a great masterpiece for the garden, and you’ll have an enjoyable time every time you are around the sculptures. Place the sculpture effectively in a way that helps you to see your favorite piece of art in a much better way, and let visitors and guests indulge in the delightful garden experience. Also are you ever going to move and as such are you going to set the piece permanently in the garden or in such a way as you can take it away with you.

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