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Having a boutique team of only 3 architects ensures your project is not in the production line of repetitive projects like some larger firms. Yet we have over 30 years of expertise that ensures that the sometimes disastrous mistakes that more inexperienced firms make, are not made with us.

Here at OUTDOOR CREATIONS, we believe the garden is a reflection of both your personal tastes and practical requirements and a marriage to the architecture. An OUTDOOR CREATIONS architect designed landscape is beautiful and emotionally restorative, providing a complete sensory experience, visual, perfumed, acoustic and tactile.

OUTDOOR CREATIONS landscapes compliment the architecture of the building, adding value to the property and connecting the interior with the exterior, maximising the available usable areas. Residential Landscaping The landscape design should be timeless and without allegiance to fashion. Sadly, many fashionably new residential gardens today, will soon be out of date and actually depreciate the value of the property in the future.

The team at OUTDOOR CREATIONS are committed to designing work that will be there for life; timeless pieces of residential landscape art for people to use and enjoy for years to come.

All great pools & landscapes start with a great design.

OUTDOOR CREATIONS is a Melbourne based multi award winning Landscape design company.

We believe that a great Landscape design is one that suits the architecture, looks fabulous, is functional and practical and is not a fashion statement that will only date.

All components of the landscape, the entertaining/Alfresco area, a swimming pool or spa, the decking and or paving and of course the plants, all have to fit seamlessly together, like a fabulous jigsaw. If only one component is considered, without taking into account the whole Landscape design, then the saying, "A failure to plan is a plan to fail", may be an outcome.

We love to design and plan fabulous gardens that people love and use.
We design small suburban gardens through to large domestic Landscapes, schools and corporate spaces.
Timeless, fabulous and practical are adjectives used by our clients to describe the outcomes we have achieved for them.


"We were super impressed with David’s initial design and his follow up service to get the right contractors. Having renovated before, the follow up management of the entire project made our lives so easy."